The window, in the living room of your home, has shattered. There are pieces of it laying on the ground, and now your home has a missing piece that needs replacing. Who do you call to get the job fixed? We’ve dug up the expert advice you need to know before hiring a window contractor:

Ask for references
When you need a new window, the best thing you can do is ask for references. This could range from people in your neighborhood, people within your friend group, family members and virtually anyone who’s opinion you trust. Sometimes when you read reviews online, they can be misleading — simply because someone had a minor issue with the service, which was later resolved. If you’re looking for the best of the best, then always go with your gut instinct and trust those around you!

Check for a license
Whether you receive a referral or not, be an investigator by checking to see if they have a license. Most states require a home improvement contractor to be licensed. Make sure your potential contractor is up-to-date. If your contractor does not have a license or has an expired license, then it could lead to some issues down the road. When calling to inquire about their business, always ask about their credentials and see if there’s a way to look at their previous work. You’ll feel much better knowing all of this ahead of time before you hire the contractor!

Check social media
Once you do the essential investigating, go on your iPhone, tablet, or computer. Does your potential window replacement contractor have a social media presence? On social media outlets like Facebook and Google+, you can search for reviews, comments, contact info, and creative content. If the last time something was posted is back in 2014 or their services aren’t listed on Google, they might not be fully present for new business.

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