Sometimes it feels like a never-ending battle between your windows and the dirt that latches onto it. You might skip cleaning your glass because it feels like you can’t win the fight. Well, we’re here to put that belief to rest! Follow these four cleaning secrets for clean, streak-free windows:

window cleaning tips
Secret 1: Wipe off the dust
Start by removing dust from your blinds with a dustpan and don’t forget to tackle every corner and window sill.

Secret 2: Lather it up
Next, wash your windows with warm soapy water, but remember: using a cloth can create even more dust, so grab a squeegee instead.

Secret 3: Grab the vinegar
You can also benefit from using white vinegar and distilled water. Mix in a spray bottle and apply to your window. Use a microfiber cloth for a more streak-free finish.

Secret 4: Choose a cloudy day
While sunlight makes it easier to see dirt, it also makes your windows try too quickly leaving streaks on your glass. Instead, choose a cloudy day but beware of the rain!

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