Mirrors serve many purposes, both functionally and aesthetically. Mainly you’ll see it in the bathroom, on a bedroom vanity, or in the closet. But we’re thinking a little more creatively today! Here are three unconventional ways you can use mirrors in your home that will actually add more light and space:

Unconventional Ways to Use Mirrors | Custom Mirrors Queens | Long Island
Kitchen Backsplash
Got a small, dark kitchen? No problem! Using mirror as backsplash is a great solution which can brighten up the space and make it appear slightly larger. Also, it helps to have other objects adjacent to your backsplash reflected – creating the illusion that your kitchen does keeper than it really does.

Give your cabinets another dimension by adding mirrors to the back of each shelf. Your china and silverware will illuminate when the light hits them and your space will once again feel bigger than in actuality.

People might have mixed feelings about using a mirror as a headboard. Some might think it’s even outdated. But in an elegant space, your mirror headboard can look just right. In a sense, it brings light and luxury rather than cheesiness.

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