Windows are a wonderful resource for natural light and brighten up our homes instantly. But they can also invite unwanted heat when we least want it. Excess heat not only heats up our home too much, but it also wastes energy. But by improving the efficiency of your windows, you can save heat and energy.

Energy Efficient Glass Windows

A Few Options
You can improve your window’s energy efficiency in several ways including the following methods:

    • Add storm windows to reduce air leakage
    • Fix the caulking and weatherstripping to maximize your home’s comfort
    • Add blackout window treatments to block out the hot or cold temperatures

The Best Option
If new caulking and weatherstripping isn’t improving the efficiency of your windows, it might be time for an upgrade. There are several energy efficient windows on the market, but one of the most popular is Low-Emissivity (low-e) the window. These windows help to control solar heat gain and loss in hot climates. We all know that the northeast can experience extremely hot and humid days during the summer, so low-e windows can be especially beneficial. Low-e class absorbs incoming solar radiation through the window and can filter out 40 to 0 percent of the heat normally transmitted through insulated window glass or glazing.

At Action Glass, we know the importance of energy efficient home upgrades, which is why we offer low-e energy efficient glass windows. We have been a family owned and operated full glass business for over 45 years and proudly serve Queens, NYC, Long Island, and Westchester. For more information on our glass services, call 800-24-GLASS or visit us on the web.