Hosting this year’s Fourth of July Party? Make it a day to remember by tending the little details – from the decor to the dinner menu. If you’re feeling stuck on where to start, this checklist might be the very thing you need:

prep july 4th party

Hang Up Your Flag
First things first: hang up your American flag to show your patriotism and get in the mood for this festive national holiday! You can even go the extra mile by placing little flags in your flower vases or burgers (once you put up the grill, of course).

Create a Cozy Spot for Entertaining
Summer cookouts are all about making the best use of your outdoor space – and July 4th is no exception. So create a casual spot for your guests to mingle by arranging furniture in a way that gathers the group together. Set up a table and umbrella, put a loveseat and additional chairs together, or set up chairs around a fire pit.

Prepare a Menu
Tell your guests to come hungry and prepare the ultimate barbeque spread! Be sure to ask if anyone has any allergies or food sensitivities to ensure a safe and delicious menu that everyone can enjoy.

Beat the Bugs
No one likes getting eaten up like pesky bugs during a summer outdoor party, so light those citronella candles and put out the bug spray for your guests to use when the sun sets.

Tidy Up the Home
Before your guests arrive, it’s important to clean things up. Declutter your kitchen, sweep the patio, swipe down your windows, doors, and mirrors, and make repairs if needed.

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