It can be tempting to shut your windows and blast the AC when the summer months get underway. But while the cool air may feel good at first, a lack of fresh air can actually be pretty bad for your home. Instead of closing up your windows for the next few months, learn how to get air circulating throughout your house naturally — it’s better for you, your home, and your energy bills!  

Your Window Guide for Summer 2017  Action Glass

Clean your screens first.

Cleaning your screens is just as important as cleaning your windows — maybe even more so. If your screens are dusty, wind won’t be the only thing blowing into your house. To clean your screens, detach them from the window and hose them off with warm water. If the dirt is really stubborn, rub the screen with a damp washcloth. Then, leave them outside to dry in the sun.

Then the windows.

Using a homemade cleaner of water, vinegar, and a drop of lemon juice, clean your glass windows with a microfiber cloth or sponge.

Inspect, repair, and replace.

If the rainy season left your window frame warped or rotted, it can be a potential mold and mildew nightmare (so that should be the first thing you replace!). You should also keep an eye out for paint that’s cracked or peeling, as well as any algae growing on your wood.

Recaulk any necessary areas.

Chipped or missing caulk could affect your home’s energy efficiency when the windows are closed.


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