Glass Shower Door Enclosures Long Island

Today people use different types of shower door enclosures in their bathrooms to create a feeling of openness and spaciousness. With over 45 years of experience in glass fabrication and installation, Action Glass is a company driven by innovation and customer satisfaction.

Serving Long Island, Action Glass' glass shower door enclosures are available in various designs and sizes, custom made to match your bathroom needs. You can choose from our wide variety of framed and frameless shower door enclosures, to give you an experience of utmost pleasure and comfort.

Get Custom Shower Door Enclosures

Our company understands that it’s imperative to focus on the design, functionality, and safety, all at the same time. From the most ornate design needs, to the simplest of plain glass shower enclosures, we care for measurement, creation, and installation. We want you to fully enjoy your new bathroom.

At Action Glass, we help you plan your bathroom renovation. We offer a wide variety of custom shower door enclosures on Long Island. Action Glass has crafted custom glass shower door enclosures, built to the most demanding specifications..

Pricing for Shower Enclosures

For all shower enclosures to be priced properly, we need to do the proper measurements. This is usually one of the last things done in a new bathroom renovation. In most cases, our experts can get your new shower enclosure installed within a week. Sometimes shower enclosures need to be done in steps. We install the main shower enclosure, and then the door last. This allows you to at least use your shower while the door is being made. Our company believes in serving our Long Island customer base with an unparalleled commitment to excellent service and value.

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